P. B.

Molly is beyond amazing and when I look back on the birth of my first baby, I will also think of the fantastic support I received from Molly.

I had planned to have a minimal intervention, natural, possibly water birth. Things definitely did not turn out that way!

First off, I had an extremely long labor, about 3 days long. It started with my water breaking before my labor began. I stayed at home for the first 24 hours but when my labor didn’t spontaneously start, my husband and I went to the hospital. Since my labor hadn’t started and it had already been 24 hours, my healthcare provider recommended induction. I was disappointed since this was the opposite of what I wanted but when I called Molly, she immediately encouraged me and helped put things in perspective.

For the next 24 hours, she continued to provide soothing and calming phone and text support. She joined me in-person the following morning and then proceeded to make the final 24 hours before my baby was born an empowering experience. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely exhausted nearing the end but Molly somehow just kept me going (in a somewhat superhuman way because I know she was probably tired staying up for 24 hours too!). She recommended lots of movements to help with the baby’s position and to help labor move along. Anytime my healthcare provider came in to check on me and give updates, Molly was right there to advise me on the next best course of action, making sure that I was absolutely comfortable with everyone that was going on. I never ever once felt out of control or pressured or rushed because I had my doula advocating for my best interest at all times. I am so grateful to Molly for giving me an empowering labor even though it was not the one I had planned at all.

When it comes to my delivery, it was THE most magical moment of my life, I couldn’t have imagined it going any better. I have heard horror stories of people having absolutely horrible deliveries, but mine was the exact opposite. Molly (along with my midwife) encouraged me to take my pushing slow and steady, to use a variety of birthing positions, all to ensure that my baby’s delivery would be a smooth and easy one. And it was exactly that! With Molly on one side and my husband on the other, my baby was born so smoothly and I couldn’t have asked for a more magical experience.

I say all of this because I can’t recommend Molly enough. Molly is a true superstar in my eyes and made my labor and delivery journey one of the best experiences of my whole life (even though it didn’t go as planned at all!). If you are pregnant and thinking about having a doula, I truly can’t recommend her enough. I will absolutely be using her again if I have any more children in the future!