Hi! I’m Molly!

We all need someone in our corner and on our team. My hope as your doula is that when we go through vulnerable and new experiences together, you always feel informed, supported, and cared for by the people surrounding you.

I am a Certified Doula (Carriage House Birth) & Certified Lactation Counselor (Empire Lactation). I provide and practice with evidence-based information in order to provide effective individualized care for each of my clients. I never had a “this is my calling” moment because I think in my bones I’ve always been a doula, a giver, a sister, a person to lean on. I love all aspects of birth work, whether it’s physically holding hips or emotionally holding space.

Currently, I live in Washington DC with my husband and our two shar peis: Elliott & Benjamin. When not attending births you can find me perfecting my sourdough recipes, in a yoga class, running miles through Rock Creek Park, or taking the pups for a lap around the monuments.

Prior to birthwork, I worked in grassroots marketing. One thing I learned was that we make the most impact when we work in community. I truly believe it takes a village, let’s build yours!