holding hips & holding space

I never want someone giving birth to feel alone or scared. We all need someone in our corner and on our team. My hope as your doula is that when we go through vulnerable and new experiences together, you always feel informed, supported, and cared for by the people surrounding you.

Molly Shephard CD(CHB), CLC


  • I was so scared and fearful going into my birth. Birth itself has always scared me and I just wanted to skip it. Having Molly there was just… the best. She was so thoughtful and attentive to every little detail. She always had a suggestion or new position we could try and just her energy in the room was great. When my epidural hurt the nurse said there was nothing that they could do and Molly suggested a heating pad or ice pack. It was exactly what I needed. Dad said that when Molly showed up, got on the ground with me, and started talking that he felt a huge sense of relief. She was always calm and it made us calmer.

    She just made the whole birth better and I don’t know how I could have done it without her. I really hope to have her join us for future babies.

    I. T.

  • Having Molly was fundamental to our birth experience. It was nice to have someone else to talk through with all the things that come up. Having someone for [my husband] to lean on. Really just having that extra space to learn more and get advice made all the difference. When we have another baby we hope to have Molly there, in person!

    H. G.

  • Molly was especially helpful in (1) helping Mom use breathing during the most intense part of contractions, and (2) being our sounding board when we needed to make decisions, or when it felt like the nurses/doctors weren’t giving us enough time to make a decision. She gave us the confidence to push back and ask questions to ensure we were getting the treatment we wanted. Dad also appreciated how Molly gave him good suggestions for things to do and say to be helpful, so he felt useful and Mom felt very well supported. We would highly recommend Molly and can’t believe how affordable the service was for how much time she spent with us around the clock and how much help she provided. We will 100% be using her again for any future babies.

    C. L.